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Automation Without Cabinets

Reclaiming automation real estate

As automation systems become more complex, it's become almost an accepted that the cabling complexity and space requirements will also increase. Machines with more moving parts generally need more cables for data communication and power supply, which makes installation a longer process for machine builders and means that the control cabinets associated with systems take up more space on production lines.

The trouble is, these larger control cabinets occupy a large enough footprint that it limits the output per square metre of industrial businesses.

If one of the aims of automation is to improve efficiencies and increase productivity, then it's important we find a way to reduce control cabinet requirements.

This is where Automation Without Cabinets comes in.

Automation Without Cabinets is the latest concept by Beckhoff UK. By using the latest automation technologies, it's possible for machine builders to develop advanced automated machinery with significantly reduced cabling requirements. This makes installation faster and more cost effective.

For engineers and plant managers, this reduced cabling is reflected in as little as one cable running from the machine to the control cabinet. With this, the cabinet can be placed much closer to the machine and space on the factory floor is freed up for production.

For plant managers, machine builders and systems integrators wanting to reap these benefits, the concept is explored in detail in our latest whitepaper: All in One Automation.

Automation without cabinets whitepaper-p

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The C7015 is an inexpensive but powerful IP 65/67 device for direct mounting on or in the machine.

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Advanced automation technology

Automation Without Cabinets is made possible due to the latest automation technology from Beckhoff, including EtherCAT P cable technology, the AMP series servo systems and IP67/69 rated industrial PCs for on-machine control.

You can view all the products in our Automation Without Cabinets portfolio in the side panel.

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