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Beckhoff TwinCAT HMI 1.10 Released

The new TwinCAT HMI has now been released in the UK, taking advantage of the powerful and ever developing web technologies it is based on HTML 5, JavaScript and CSS creating a highly responsive and dynamic HMI for the industry.

The HMI Server will run on Windows Embedded Compact building up to Windows 10 and client connections are supported on HTML 5 enabled web browsers, meaning the visualisation can be accessed on PC’s and smart devices anywhere in the world.

The HMI is developed with the widely used Microsoft Visual Studio environment and as with the TwinCAT 61131-3 software, development is free.

TwinCAT HMI LiveView…

The TwinCAT HMI Engineering environment within Visual Studio loads a local engineering server when you open a TwinCAT HMI project. This enables the engineer to drag and drop elements from the HMI Toolbox onto the design window and from the LiveView window you can instantly see the control running from the local server.

Being able to change and test the elements properties, for example colours, text fonts, positions and also after mapping a PLC symbol to the control you are able to see the interaction with the live values from the PLC project, saving the time usually needed in compiling and publishing the application with every change to the project.

The Live View window also includes an option to open and test the application on different platforms with a quick scan of the QR code or copying the link address generated by the TwinCAT HMI System into your HTML5 browser on the new device. Testing the resolution and responsiveness of the HMI project on mobile phones, tablets or HMI control screens is as quick as opening a new web page.

The Live View window also includes developer tools for debugging and error checking the HMI application, allowing detailed troubleshooting before downloading to the target platform.

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