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Power, Water & Utilities Management

Our planet faces big challenges over the next few years. Power and water industries are among those feeling the pressure to cut waste and optimise.


With shifting climates and increasing populations, present systems and processes must be up to the task.

Water processing alone contributes tens of billions of pounds to the UK economy each year, and that number is only going to rise, with big plans for the coming decades.


By 2050 it’s predicted that national water demand will increase by over a quarter, and industry bodies suggest desalination processes in the UK alone will more than triple by that date.

Energy infrastructure is also rapidly expanding. Now that the renewables market is reaching maturity, highlighted by UK wind power reaching record levels of output, at record-low costs.


Renewable energy equipment is often constructed in remote areas, such as up hills or offshore, making failures costly and difficult to address.


As these processes further intensify, and projects keep growing in scale and complexity, keeping uninterrupted production becomes challenging, unless the controlling software and hardware is up to the task.

Industrial PC based systems

EtherCAT and TwinCAT control

Beckhoff offers a complete range of high-performance, hard-wearing, user-friendly control systems for utilities, to make the vital tasks of power, water and infrastructure management that much simpler.


Water management is a continuous task, meaning failures must be addressed immediately. EtherCAT for water management can carry up to 10 gigabits of process and control data every second, giving you the real time information and confidence you need to keep your plant up and running all year round.


PC-based energy controls keep a watchful eye on every possible aspect of remote renewable projects. From RPM to dynamic loading, and wind speed to net-output — collecting, crunching and actioning this data with user-friendly PC-based systems takes the effort out of energy management.


Designed with scalability and modularity in mind, our solutions suit any setup, from regional plant-wide mainframe, to remote substation microcontrollers and everything in between.

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