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Robotics, Packaging and Logistics

The packaging industry has been boosted by growth in emerging consumer markets as well as by technological advancements such as packaging automation systems.


In the UK the sector already employs more than 80,000 staff and has a turnover in excess of £11 billion annually.


However, in the coming years, companies will need to address sustainability issues, not only looking at their material, selection but also process efficiency.


Among the greatest challenges facing the packaging and logistics sector is flexible adaptation to changing market trends, new products and individual customer wishes.


Logistics and supply chain management are key elements of any business’ operations. High demands are placed on these critical systems, to deliver fast availability, efficiency and reliability.

To optimise production processes, businesses need effective PC-based control for packaging to ensure goods can move safely and efficiently through the supply chain.


Packaging requirements vary from industry to industry; however quality, flexibility and resource efficiency should underpin all production line processes.


Beckhoff offers an open and high-performance range of automation systems for warehouse logistics. Our systems enable flexible control along the complete production line for all packaging and warehouse logistics applications.


TwinCAT, EtherCAT and the eXtended Transport System all have unique capabilities, for example our industrial PCs and the TwinCAT automation software can be used to manage a wide range of packaging functions such as filling, forming, sealing, labelling, collecting, re-packing and palletising.

The compact eXtended Transport System (XTS) replaces expensive mechanics with software, making packaging machines more flexible.


While the PC and EtherCAT-based integrated hardware and software automation platform is a modular structure offering high performance. The PC platform is scalable, making it suitable for controlling individual machines and also for automating complete plants. 

Automation systems for warehouses

PC-based control for packaging

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