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Linear transport systems

Beckhoff has revolutionised linear transport systems.


Its innovative eXtended Transport System (XTS) and XPlanar System each use drive technology in forms that have not previously existed to function as a flexible transport system.

Each system opens new avenues in machine design, with flexibility to match the specific needs of any production line.


Beckhoff’s XTS transport system is designed to speed-up production while improving cleanability.

It combines the benefits of two well-known drive principles, linear and rotary systems, into a single mechatronic system — something which has never been done before.


The XTS transport system can be operated in any installation position, with combined rotary and linear elements that make the track customisable.


There are no length restrictions for the entire path and the number of movers can also be customised. Manufacturers can create the perfect geometry for their application, as a result.


On the transport belt, the movers can each be positioned differently and travel independently, with their own speed, acceleration and motion pattern.


Movers can combine into couples or clusters, to create hoops that travel together at an established speed. Because it’s customisable and flexible for the needs of any production line, the XTS is limited only by the available computing power of the industrial PC.


Beckhoff’s revolutionary XTS transport system is also available in a Hygienic version. This stainless steel XTS Hygienic model combines the XTS’s benefits with improved cleanability and resistance to harsh detergents and disinfectant.


The XTS complies with European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) rules for the hygienic design of transport systems, and requirements for system certification according to EL Class I AUX.


With a IP69K, protection rating the system can cope with surfactants, acidic and alkaline cleaning agents, plus different types of alcohol, disinfectants and even hydrogen peroxide.

Beckhoff is setting new standards in drive technology with the eXtended planar motor system.


With the XPlanar system, movers float freely above arbitrarily arranged planar tiles to enable extremely flexible, precise and highly dynamic positioning. This gives maximum flexibility and simplifies the design of machines and plants.


The basis of the XPlanar system is the planar tiles. These measure 240 x 240 mm and can be arranged in any desired geometries, precisely adapted to the application at hand.


The system combines individual arrangements of planar tiles, with the multi-dimensional positioning capability of the planar movers floating above them.


Rotary systems

XPlanar linear transport system

The movers can be moved jerk-free and contact-free in two dimensions. They can also be used horizontally, vertically and even upside down, approximating 3D movement.


They travel at up to 4 m/s with 2g acceleration and 50 µm positioning repeatability, noiselessly and without abrasion. Because it’s contact-free, the mover travel also eliminates wear, emissions and the carry-over of contaminations.


XPlanar is suited for highly flexible transport systems in general machine building — especially for the automation of packaging, assembly, sorting and order picking processes.


The planar motor system is highly scalable to suit individual needs and considerably simplifies the design of machines and plants.


All the tiles contain the entire electronics and support of EtherCAT G communication. The collision-free and synchronised movement of several movers with automatic path optimisation are further features provided by the TwinCAT automation software.


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